What would it feel like if you invited JOY into your everyday routine?

I am a Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Joy Cultivator with an obsession for inspiring others to seek their ultimate happiness through passion-driven lifestyle changes and adopting a wholesome diet. My intention is to rid life of toxicities that no longer serve me in order to bring more light, energy, and love into my life, and in return guide others to do the same. Are you ready to take hold of your happiness and your health?

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My Journey & My Why

How do you deal with heavy obstacles or road blocks that enter your life? Do you break down mentally, freeze and remain stagnant, numb out the pain, or self sabotage further and move in a backwards direction? Or do you look at these “obstacles/road blocks” as life lessons and challenges that you need in orderContinue reading “My Journey & My Why”

The Inner Child

Can you remember the last time you embraced your inner child? When I say inner child, I mean acting out with complete joy without a care of how you look in another person’s eye. I mean bringing out that inner youthful soul that hasn’t been ruined by societies standards of how we should act ourContinue reading “The Inner Child”

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